What to expect when booking your wedding with me...

  1. Trial

    • Most of my brides book a trial, but some don't. Please use your best judgment. I do HIGHLY recommend for you to book a trial. So on your wedding day there are no delays trying to figure out the look that you are going for.

    • When you are ready to book your trial, I will send a link where you can book your appointment. A trial form is attached to your appointment.

    • Information you will need to complete the trial form:

      1. Location of where services will be provided

      2. Back up trial dates

-Any trials MUST be flexible. As a full-time freelancer, I have to take any work that I am receiving and anything on the weekend gives other brides an option to book me for their wedding.

      1. An estimate of how many hair and/or makeup services you need

      2. Hair and skin type

      3. Makeup/hair preference

-You can upload photos or copy and paste a link to your pinterest board.

    • During the trial, I will be keeping track of everything I used on you and photos will be taken for reference.

    • The trial can take anywhere from 2-4hr for both hair and makeup. Half the time if you are only booking one service. We may try a couple of different looks so you can see comparison. We want to nail your look down so when your wedding day comes we know exactly what we're doing.

  1. Retainer

    • A deposit can be made before or after your trial.

    • This means you decided to move forward with booking me for your wedding.

    • This will ensure the date you have requested will not go to anyone else.

    • Non-refundable; Just in case you cancel, this secures me because I potentially lost a day of work.

    • If your wedding require more than one artist, this is when I would hire the rest of the team.

  2. Contract

    • Contract is required to move forward

    • When you have decided to book my services for your wedding, I will send a link where you can make a deposit to reserve your wedding date. The contract is attached to your reservation. You can always edit any final details later.

    • Required information you will need:

      1. Date of wedding

      2. Time of your ceremony

      3. Time you(bride) need to be done

      4. Time your bridal party needs to be done

      5. Time photographer/videographer is arriving

      6. Address of where services will be provided

      7. Name and service of each person who is receiving hair/makeup

      8. How the balance will be paid

  3. Travel/Parking

    • Travel is free within 15 miles from my location (South Philadelphia), anything after is charge by the standard mileage rate for each artist.

    • Must compensate parking for Rosa and her team if not available.

  4. Accommodation

    • Accommodation will need to be provided the night before for each artist if start time is early and if the location is more than 1.5hr away. You can either book the hotel or it can be added to the invoice

  5. Schedule

    • Once contract is completed, I will send a draft of your schedule along with an invoice of the remaining balance.

    • Schedule sample

6. 2-4 weeks before

    • Once we confirm the schedule, I will ask you to send the schedule to your bridal party so they have all the information that are needed.

    • On the bottom of the schedule, there is a hair and makeup guide or you can follow this link.

    • If your bridal party would like to send a reference of how they would like their hair and makeup, follow this link. This is super helpful, but not necessary

7. 1 day before

    • I will email or text you and ask for the room number (if you are getting ready at a hotel or venue).