Hair and Makeup Guide


  • Be sure to have pictures of how you would like your hair and/or makeup (Disregard if you already have filled out the consultation form).


  • You MUST arrive with a clean face, and you can use a moisturizer that does not contain any SPF (SPF can cause a white cast aka flashback in photos).

  • You should apply and provide your own lipstick.

  • Any facials and shaping of the eyebrows should be done no later than 1-2 weeks prior to your appointment. This will give your skin time to heal.

  • Do not use any acne spot treatments 1 week prior to your appointment. Blemishes are covered much better when they are not dehydrated.

    • I would suggest spot treating any acne scabs with a papaw ointment or vaseline.

  • If you have peach fuzz or super dry skin, please consider dermaplaning 1-2 weeks prior. This will help remove texture on your skin for a smooth makeup application.


  • You MUST arrive with clean, and 100% dry hair (There’s an old saying that it’s better to get your hair done when it’s dirty. WRONG. Hair products have evolved and there are products that can give you texture without weighing your hair down).

  • Please detangle and brush your hair before being serviced.

  • The day before your service, you can shampoo and blow-dry your hair straight as possible with minimal to no product unless you want to utilize your natural curls.

  • If you want to utilize your natural curls please detangle and condition your hair.

  • DO NOT curl or straighten your hair (previously flat ironed hair does not hold a curl well).

  • Please DO NOT arrive with damp hair unless you're receiving a blowout.

  • Any haircutting and coloring should be done no later than 1 week prior.

  • Bring any hair accessories or products that you plan on using (only applies if you would like to provide your own products).

  • If you plan on bringing hair extensions, please have it detangled and 100% dry the day before. Extension installation is an add-on service and requires more time. Please make sure that you book it in advance.

  • If you need to change your clothes, please wear a top that is easy to take off so it doesn't ruin your hair.

  • Any dresses or clothes that need to be steamed should be done before getting your hair done. The steam will cause frizz and could ruin your hair.

How you can be helpful:

  • We will need access to a close-by outlet where we can plug in our tools.

  • We do not carry a table, please have a clean table available that is cleared where we can set up our tools and products.

  • Natural lighting is always the best lighting for makeup. It's very helpful if we can set up close-by to a window, but not necessary. We carry a makeup light.

  • For makeup application, it would be great if there is a bar stool/high chair, but not necessary.

  • For hairstyling, it would be great if there's a regular height chair with a low back set up in front of a mirror like a salon, but not necessary.

Thank you so much for cooperating! We appreciate you!